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Benefits of Clear UV

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Clear UV harnesses the unyielding power of ultraviolet light, delivering an unprecedented level of cleanliness. This patented technology, available exclusively through Clear UV, promises a pool free from algae, bacteria, and biofilm. It's not just cleaning; it's pool care transformed.

Healthy Pool Water

Imagine a pool where the water is so clear, it rivals the purity of a natural spring. Clear UV's revolutionary approach significantly diminishes the need for chemicals. The result? A swimming experience that's not only clean but radiantly healthy.

Full Pool Coverage

Where others falter, Clear excels. Empowered by its enhanced suction power, Clear effortlessly ascends the vertical walls of your pool. Every inch, from floor to waterline, is meticulously cleaned. It's not just cleaning; it's comprehensive care for your pool.

Smart Cleaning

The Clear robot is more than a cleaner; it's a smart device. With its intuitive app, you command where the cleaning goes. Floor, walls, waterline – select your focus with ease. And when it's time to remove Clear, a simple button push brings it to the wall for effortless retrieval. This is pool cleaning in the age of convenience.

Clear UV Front

The Ultimate Pool Cleaner

What sets Clear apart is not just its features, but its uniqueness. Each aspect of Clear – from its quad motor design to its smart app integration – is a testament to our philosophy: innovation for a better life. With Clear, you're not just choosing a pool cleaner; you're choosing a future where pool maintenance is effortless, efficient, and elegant.

Step into the Future of Pool Cleaning

Welcome to the future of pool care, exclusively brought to you by Clear UV. In an industry first, we're proud to unveil a breakthrough in pool sanitation technology. Clear UV isn't just a product; it's the embodiment of a promise – a pristine, pure pool experience like no other.

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Where technology meets tranquility

The journey to a cleaner, more serene pool begins with a choice. Choose Clear and embrace a new standard in pool maintenance. Every feature, every innovation, is crafted for your convenience, for your peace of mind.

Clear UV Side
Clear UV Side

More Motors.
More Power.

Clear stands alone in its class with not one, not two, but four robust motors. This quad motor system - a marvel in robotic pool cleaner technology - delivers unmatched suction power. Imagine a cleaner that doesn’t just skim surfaces but revitalizes your entire pool. With twin propulsion motors and dual suction motors, equipped with twin impellers and dual suction intake ports, Clear offers a flow rate that surpasses anything you've known. The result? A pool that's not just clean, but pristine.

Join us in shaping a low-chemical future.

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The Art of Pool Maintenance.

Clear UV is more than an advancement in pool cleaning technology – it’s a masterpiece of design. Merging sleek aesthetics with groundbreaking functionality, it sets a new standard for effortless pool maintenance.

Patented. Peerless. Perfect.

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